One of the most bizarre and exhausting retorts I have seen made by evangelicals against the Black Lives Matter movement is to call it “Marxist.” I’ve banged my head against the wall trying to explain to people, convinced that BLM is a front for anti-white neo-Bolsheviks thirsty for blood, that…

Resisting violence is both a worthwhile and complicated endeavor. Pure non-violence is entirely unachievable, yet I remain committed to its pursuit.

These days, however, I am confronted by the farce of my non-violent convictions.

I am a white (post-? ex-? I’m not sure) evangelical Christian. My social media feeds, while…

While not my typical genre, I think it might be helpful to some to consolidate and pass on some tips I’ve learned from some of the personal finance influencers I follow — and a few insights of my own.

FWIW: I have no formal training in finance. I write based…

Let me first make the caveat that I do not necessarily fault David Platt for choosing to pray publicly for the President. As Platt made it clear in his follow-up letter to his congregation, he made the best decision he thought he could make. It was a rather gross abuse…

Unfortunately even over a week after a young mother and beloved writer’s tragic death, this how-to-guide is apparently still necessary (note the recent incident necessitating the clarification of step #5).

What to do when someone dies (especially the tragic death of a young parent):

1. Pray (if you are one…

I can tell you exactly when it snapped.


It was a dark night in Barcelona, romantic as could be, walking down the street with my wife on our way back from dinner. We were there for a few weeks for what was a work trip for her. The romance…

I‘m not sure we do.

Especially among us white people: Our celebrations are too often triumphalist — masking that his dream is far from being realized. Our platitudes obscure how far we stray from so much of what he thought and said.

This latter point was especially emphasized for me…

The Trump era has triggered a wave of nostalgia, especially evident at the passing of Senator McCain and more recently, President George H.W. Bush. Many are looking back to the likes of Bush, Sr. as the beacon of a lost presidential civility, decency — the veritable ‘good ol’ days’?


Mueller can’t save us.

Trump is backed into a corner, to be sure. But Trump and his movement still has plenty of strength. In fact, the growing legal pressure on Trump legally and via Congress should cause us alarm.

From Jim Crawford on Flickr.

Trump’s movement is poised to break decisively from both legal norms…

I find myself struggling significantly with this claim being floated that roasting Kavanaugh about the assault allegations and his teenage/college years will dissuade good people from pursuing high offices.

“I wouldn’t want anyone probing around my high school years!”

For one thing, this statement is grossly unfair to women who…

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